Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching Up

When we get back at OYCM, it is as if we never left. Shari, Paul and Fred were a great help, as always, letting us run errands. What a blessing to see some of our Jacksonville friends and get a couple of Thursday nights in at Moon River Pizza. And I must mention, for the first time I had several manatee sightings along the Ortega River banks – yes, after several years in Florida – I finally see them!

We helped in some dock clean up after Tropical Storm Debby gave us heavy rains. One night the river was flowing particularly strong and the next calm day the resulting debris was cleaned away from the boats and put on to the docks.

From journals

From journals

I sent an email to inform family that TS Debby was not an issue for Hold Fast, only to get return communication that family is doing fine after the Little Bear Fire and a flash flood. I had no idea about my sister’s evacuation and my father’s preparation for one. Below is a picture a passerby took of my grandmother’s house during the flash flood:

From journals

My sister’s husband helped dad remove cottonwood trees that had jammed into the culvert during the flash flood. We praise God that our family members are well, that their houses are safe, and we request your prayers for those that lost their homes.

Love to all,