Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Land Travel West - Phase Four

Sorry about the blog hiatus.  Since our return to Florida, we have been quite busy working on Hold Fast.   Let me catch you up on the last phase of our trip out west.  It was a compound visit covering three different residences.

First stop was with Myron’s cousin Nicole and her hubby Charlie, along with their kids Elizabeth and Jimmy.  They live in Fallbrook, which is in the foothills north and east of San Diego.  We did not have much time together so we had to jam in all the talking we could manage.  The subject was primarily scripture, our favorite – and no one put any limitations on the matter.  What a joy!   Charlie smoked some pork and we feasted on pulled pork sandwiches.  We thought our stay in San Diego would be a cool down after Phoenix and Lemoore.  Instead, we ran into record heat.  Thank goodness there ways to keep the kids active and cool!

Myron’s buddy, Cory, gathered us up to spend some time with him in Mira Mesa, which is in the valley north and east of San Diego.  It was a little cooler there, but still too warm to do some of the outdoor activities Cory had planned.  No worries.  We soaked in the air conditioning at the movie theater, went down to the harbor to enjoy the onshore breeze and see our old haunts, and took in a nice Chinese meal with Cory’s mom.  We also managed to attend service at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship with Pastor Leo Giovinetti.  We had never attended before, we knew no one, but felt right at home.  Neat church!  Suddenly our time with Cory was over, and all without pictures.  Cory drove us over to my cousin Doug’s house in Escondido. 

The visit blessings were multiplied because my Aunt Ann was there for her summer stay with Doug and his wife Sandy.  Also my cousin Lyn and her husband Ron showed up during our stay and one night Michael, Doug's son, joined us.  We called it our mini reunion. 

We caught up by sharing pictures of our travels on the big screen TV.  (It seems every one loves the swimming pigs from Big Majors Spot.Sandy helps out at a local organic farm so we ate well, until we blew the healthy run with signature Tri-tip BBQ sandwiches from Mike's BBQ.  Doug recently acquired an arc welder and wanted him and Sandy to get some training from Myron.  Sandy dawned her new blue flame welding helmet and set to the task.

Doug, Myron and I caught Escondido’s Friday American Classic cruising night.  Actually the cars are parked for better viewing and view them we did.  My high school dream car was a Carroll Shelby AC Cobra.  Since I was keeper of the camera, there were plenty of AC Cobra shots.  When I looked into a parked GT 350, I saw Carroll Shelby’s signature on the dash – seriously cool!  I leave you with some pictures of that walk among the classics (see more pictures on our Picasa site).

Love to all,