Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cambridge Municipal Yacht Basin

What a pleasant stay in Mill Creek.  It was such a calm night, we probably could have anchored anywhere.  A nice calm night and morning, however, does not always bode well for sailing.  The forecast of 10 to 15 knots out of the southwest never materialized.  Instead we experienced less than 10 knots out of the west northwest, then the southwest.  As a result, the motor had to assist the sails.  We recall these light summer winds from our visit two years ago.  The upside is that it makes for easier docking.

We settled in here about 3 pm, met our neighbors on a Whitby 42 (built in Fort Meyers as opposed to Toronto like Hold Fast), paid our bill, ate and then took a nap.  Brad showed up around 6 pm and we must have talked out on the dock for about 3 hours.  He and Sabrina, on ‘Joint Venture,’ crossed the Gulf Stream with us back to the states last year.  They are just three slips down.  It will be good to spend some time with them.

We have had some communications with a local church and they are glad to have our help with their VBS (Vacation Bible School) over the next 10 days.  At the transient rate for the yacht basin, a 10 day stay costs about the same as one month.  We opted for one month.  Now we can help with more than VBS and also get a longer visit in with Brad and Sabrina.

Even though we stayed here two years ago, I am sure there will be more to tell about Cambridge and the new people we meet.   We do not typically update our blog unless we move our location, however I will try to keep you periodically updated as to our local activities.

Love to all,

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Monday, July 8, 2013


Tyler got about a week at Deltaville.  He got to see the York River District Youth Choir, and even make a yard sign for them.  Jean and I, and many other ladies, prepared the food for the 58 youth/young adults before their performance.  Aaron, Jean’s grandson and Floyd Jean’s eldest, leads the group.  The week before their performance they do mission work, engage in worship and Bible study, and practice daily.  It showed.  We were blessed by the program.  I was thrilled when I heard we had arrived in time to attend, as we had attended two years prior when we first met the Ward’s. 

Tyler flew home to Phoenix out of Richmond on July 1.  It was a pretty drive to the airport and I must admit, the Richmond TSA folks were the most kind and friendly I have ever encountered…EVER.  SWA/Air Tran gave Myron and I gate passes so we could wait with Tyler for his plane.  We even waited to watch it take-off.  I hated to think that there could have been a mechanical problem and Tyler be stuck at the airport after we left.  All worked out fine – including a plane change in Atlanta - and he was home safe that evening.

We spent almost another week with the Ward’s, celebrating our country’s birthday, as well as mine.   The parade was a little short this year, but we got some good laughs since everyone knows everyone (except that strange clown that kissed Jean’s friend Shirley!)  Our favorite was this 'National Lampoon' twist on Deltaville!

We hung out with Gary (another Ward son), his wife and kids on the ‘flats,’ a sand bar near that tight entrance to Jackson Creek.  Nothing like adding to the tension of running the entrance when you see people standing in the water as you sail by!  Also, Jean patiently taught me how to make a cathedral quilt.  Her best bud Sue gave me all the backing fabric I needed to start on a baby blanket.  I am so blessed!  Of course Jean wants a progress report when we return in the fall.

We were all sad about our departure this morning, but there are other places for us to serve.  Tonight is just a stop over.  We hope to get to Cambridge, Maryland, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Today was a long day, almost 11 hours of travel.  We are nicely tucked in behind Calvert Marina on Mill Creek.  It is pretty quiet here.  And it is not too hot since it was cloudy or raining most of the day.  We have eaten, showered, and are ready to watch a show and hit the hay.

Here is a picture of Myron and Tyler in front of the Ocracoke lighthouse:

I promise that soon I will post a blog to share more pictures!

Love to all,

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