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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful time Christmas Eve at Marie’s. She invited folks from our old Sunday school class. It was great to see Johan, Loren, Jonathan, Bill, Royce, Devon and Bubba. And always a riotous pleasure with Marie’s kids Brian, Julianna and Gracie. Rogue, Marie’s dog, even got to participate in the games, until the food came out.

We worked all day in the cold without a real meal. What an extra treat that Marie and Julianna had wrestled up a home cooked meal, even after Marie’s full day of contact shopping. I opted for efficiency and brought the cookie makings to Marie’s. Nice to bake more than nine cookies at a time.

The group had a Bible study, a view of our Christ from the perspective of His second coming. Good discussions, even with the kids. We also had hours of giggles and some side splitting moments when Devon came out of his shell. For Devon’s sake, we will recount none of it here. I understand there is sufficient disinformation published on Facebook.

As we said our goodbyes after midnight, my heart went out to Marie. She still had the kid’s presents to wrap and other preparations for the morning. The kids had long since gone to sleep, rapidly restoring their energy levels in support of launching a morning foray to which Marie would undoubtedly succumb. But only momentarily – no time for pity parties as a single mom! And she’s doing great.

For Christmas Day we were invited to Casey and Melissa’s house. It was delightful to visit with them and their daughter Mia. Even before three, there were a number of sayings Mia learned to quip at just the right moment, such as Myron’s infamous, Jersey influenced “how you doin’?” [directed by Mia at an unknown man in the grocery store]; and, after learning about capitalism and socialism, “Pelosi wants to take my toys.” No quotes today, mostly play acting with new toys. I suspended Rapunzel in a 'tower' and Buzz Lightyear flew up and saved her, in total disregard to storyline boundaries.

Even so far away from family, it is a pleasure to have family in Christ right here to share in the celebration of His birth!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

P.S. - 12.26.10
Still in JAX. Today, wind 25 knots and freezing rain. An inside day.

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