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Friday, September 2, 2011

San Domingo Creek to La Trappe

San Domingo Creek allows a round about way to reach St. Michaels. We took our dink in, tied up and explored. Mostly we explored with new found friends on a 65' Choy Lee. It is a quaint town and a pleasure to wander for a couple of days. We highly recommend a stop to that town from the south side. We also ran into friends we made back at Elizabeth City. It would have been a really quiet anchorage except for the chain saws and mulchers busy removing evidence of hurricane Irene.

Labor Day weekend is upon us. We were not sure where we should go to avoid crowds, and not entirely sure that is at all possible. Our plan is to be in Cambridge and attend the church we so appreciated. After that, we are not sure. It all depends upon the weather.

We still appreciate prayers that TS Katia turn easterward and leave the coast alone.

Love to all,

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