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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Man-o-War Cay – East Bay

Today was the ‘best day ever’ since leaving Jacksonville. What made it so special was being met outside Man-o-War Cay cut by Barry and Barb on their 17 foot Whaler. They welcomed us to MOW and led us through the cut. They helped me with the mooring, a maneuver I have not done since 1997 at Catalina Island. After visiting for a while in our cockpit, we loaded into their Whaler, headed to the marina dock so they could show us around MOW Cay. Myron and I had our first conch burgers: cracked conch with buffalo sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato, and sweet potato fries on the side. It was fantastic. Are you hungry yet? Even though it tasted like “nap,” we rustled up some energy to tour part of the Cay. Barb and Barry showed us a church for Sunday and introduced us to a number of their friends. It is easy to see why Barb and Barry call this home. I may talk Myron into staying awhile, at least until our Australian friends on Clementine arrive.
We purchased internet for 30 days for this area. I am hoping it will allow us to post some pictures. The juvenile mahi caught on the Gulf Stream.
From Blogger Pictures
A stunning sunrise at Powell Cay.
From Blogger Pictures
Barb and me after a wonderful lunch at Bradleys.
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