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Monday, June 4, 2012

Back at Fernandina Beach

What a great stay at Cumberland Island! At slack tide this morning, we moved back to Fernandina Harbor Marina to fuel up and take a mooring for the night. We also did a little walking around and grocery shopping. To our surprise and delight, Joint Venture was still here taking in the sights.

To take advantage of this temporary benefit of wifi, here are a couple of recent pictures for your view pleasure:

Snorkeling Fowl Cay in the Abacos with Barb and Barry on their 17' whaler. This was the second good snorkel of the day.

Dolphins at play on Hold Fast's bow on the west side of the Gulf Stream.

Paul and Shari on 'Quick Trip' as we escort them from Cumberland Island toward Fernandina Beach.

The grass is always greener...

Scratching that itch:

Momma and foal, about a week old.

A foal less than 24 hours old.

Inside Mrs. Carnagies office house ('tabby house'):

Love to all,

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