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Monday, August 20, 2012

Land Travel West - Phase One

Visiting family in New Mexico was Phase One of our travels out west.  It is a rare occasion that my sisters and I are all in the same place.  My nephews were there too, what a blessing.  I relish the memories of our giggle episodes.  Big meals were had, lots of apricot pies were made and pounds were gained.   

We were glad to be able to help out dad with a few items around the property, including repairing the culvert from the flash flood damage.

The cool mountain weather was an incredible relief.  The temperature on several evenings made it essential to wear long pants and a sweat shirt.  We slept under three blankets to wake up to 53 degree mornings, a far cry from Jacksonville weather!  On our walks we occasionally would see deer, mostly bucks, including a six point.  At night, the deer would come up to the house to eat apricots and the elk would raid the rain cistern off the back porch.

One of our goals in New Mexico, in addition to visiting family and helping out dad, was to eat as many chili rellenos as possible, good chili rellenos that is.  Mission accomplished!  Another goal was to climb Nogal Peak.  Unfortunately, the trail head was closed due to the Little Bear Fire and it never did re-open during our stay.   God made up for it with sunsets!

And then suddenly, our time in New Mexico was over and it was time to catch our flight to Phoenix.  More on that soon.
Love to all,

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