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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Man O War Cay

Our errands in Marsh Harbor are complete and we relocated to a mooring in Man O War Cay. We have already re-connected with Barb and Barry, a quick hello with Paul and some folks from church and also got some quality time with Jay and a new acquaintance 'Pirate Joe.' Joe was an extra in a couple of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies. While we were all visiting, we watched a Maule on floats taxi through the mooring field to the north end of Man O War harbor, then turn around and take off into the wind and lift up just over all the sailboat masts. There were other activities in the harbor that distracted our conversation. We have decided that all the excitement happens by Beach Cruiser at Jay's dock and we may just set up camp over there for tomorrow's entertainment as well!

The clouds threatened all day and finally the rain arrived. It will not dampen our visit though, just put on a rain cover and go. At least it is not very cold - probably barely below 80 degrees. Still qualifies as sweatshirt weather for me!

We will be here until we get a weather break for a sail west and north. In the meantime there are things to prepare on Hold Fast for the crossing. It's always something!

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

Hey you guys this is Christina and Tyler. Hows it going? We love the posts! Glad to hear you guys are doing good. That's way cool you met someone from the pirates movie! Hopefully we can post pics of Avah, she is getting so big.