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Monday, October 28, 2013

Deltaville - Ward's Dock

We splashed Hold Fast last Monday – yay!  She slides right along now that she is clean.  As we moved over to the Ward’s dock, Myron had to keep the motor at idle to stay below four knots!  We hope the bottom paint works and that she can stay this clean.  We are looking forward to improved performance on our journey south. 

The Deltaville boatyard was not bad for a boatyard experience.  I was disappointed in the lack of internet.  I did like the absence of cockroaches attempting to board every night, which is a challenge in Florida.  There were critters living on the huge boat next to us, but at least they did not include the white skunk we saw milling around the marina.  The marina set out a trap.  It seemed like a bad idea to me and that it would not end well for the skunk or the trapper.  Fortunately, the only animals the marina staff managed to capture thus far were neighborhood cats.  Clever skunk.

We were glad to be back in the water, but the work did not stop.  We re-caulked where the chain plates enter the deck after discovering a leak in one of the lockers.  I spent several days cleaning lockers and drying salvageable contents, some soaked through books were tossed.  Myron modified Windy (our wind vane), worked out some bugs on the refrigerator, and finished up a project involving alignment of the engine and transmission shaft.  In addition, we had the typical post-boat yard tasks such as putting the sails back on and days of clean up.  Couple all that with the irresistible invitations to visit with the Ward family, and we extended our stay here a little.  The Ward’s invited us to extend our stay further for the oyster fest.  Tempting, to be sure.  We love this place and the people.  I will probably have splinters in my fingernails after Myron tears me away from the Ward’s dock.

I promise to share pictures when we have better internet.  My computer suffered a fatal virus to the operating system and it has taken quite an effort by Myron to get me back up in communications, pictures and…GASP…accounting.  The data was recovered via Linux.  Once I am fully up and running, I might give a cost comparison of the boat yards.

We are done with projects – for now - and believe we will soon have favorable but light winds to sail to Norfolk.  There is a strong motivation to move south to get to warmer weather.  It is uncomfortable wearing sandals to church in 40 degree weather.  The wood/coal stove has been exercised the last couple of days, a good sign that we are at the end of hurricane season.  We thank God that the Farmer’s Almanac was correct about a lack of hurricanes in this area for 2013.  The Almanac has several hurricane threats for this area next year.  I know, do not borrow trouble.  It does make Central America more attractive for 2014!

Love to all,

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