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Friday, April 3, 2015

Great Sale Cay

While we were in route today, I was imaging Barb and Barry getting underway from Florida in that rather large motor vessel and that maybe we would see them here at Great Sale Cay. I could also imagine that things were not ready to the crew's liking and they would miss the current weather window to come east. I am not overly hopeful of seeing them here. If I were them and I left today, I would push on past Great Sale Cay and try to get through the Whale Cay Cut before it gets closed out from the forecasted big winds. Either way, we will see them next season, Lord willing.

It was an easy 44 miles today. We started early. Based upon the forecast, the winds would die out today and our best attempts at sailing would be in the am. We arrived here before 1 pm and are currently the only vessel here. That is a first for us. So we picked a spot we thought would have good holding, some protection from NW, N, NE, E and SE winds, and still get a view of the blood moon tomorrow morning. The full lunar eclipse will occur after the moon has gone below our horizon, but we will see some of the rare and spooky event. That is if the clouds do not interfere.

We are still uncertain as to the day of our departure from here. Once we get going, you will get position reports.

Love to all,

{GMST}26°59.29'N|078°12.88'W|4/3/2015|1:29 PM{GEND}

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