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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Long Day

Myron set an alarm for 3 am and then woke up one minute before it went off. We slept soundly until then. It was a good thing we slept well, today was a long day, rough too. We did indeed see eight foot swells. Thankfully those only lasted about three of the 12+ hours we were underway. We were about twelve miles from Little Harbor Cut, singing some of the songs Pastor Bradley played, when the reel finally went off. Unfortunately the four to six foot seas had become confused then and, to be sure, it was less than optimal 'bring a fish aboard' conditions. She was a big mahi, mahi, measured four feet. It took over 30 minutes to tire her out. Truth be known, we were all tired out. We were most thankful to have her on board. We usually do not catch anything on that run across the Northeast Providence Channel.

Entering the cut required a lot of helm work by Myron. I sat looking backwards calling out the swells, whether they were from the starboard side or behind and whether they were breaking. It gives Myron an opportunity to put pre-input into rudder to keep the waves from making us broach. We had a couple good surfs and were happy to be in. There were at least three smaller boats several hours behind us. Myron tried to encourage them that it would be rough, but they could do it if they stayed center channel. We know one made it in and were out of radio contact by the time the next two arrived, but at least they were coming in with the tide.

Myron is not feeling well. Our schedule was full last week and we were with kids - who always carry some type of germ or another. On the agenda is more rest tonight and nothing too involved tomorrow. We were still in a negative tide when we arrived at Man-O-War Cay just before 4 pm, so we took a mooring rather than go directly to Jay's dock. Moving to the dock may be our biggest accomplishment tomorrow, if we even do that.

We are safe and sound, have showered, eaten and watched a show. Time for bed.

Love to all,

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