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Monday, January 23, 2017

Waiting Out Weather

We were all set to head south last week until Myron discovered a HUGE low crossing the US.  The low was far enough south that it represented a potential problem for us at limited protection anchorages down in Ragged Island.  We could have ridden it out at Rock Sound or Georgetown, but we are having fun with friends at MOW Cay, so why leave in haste?

Giavanna and Myron in 'hippie' mode (Giavanna's words)

We saw on the internet the damage the low (centered around FL/GA border) did to Georgia and we are so sorry to hear of the lives lost due to tornadoes.  Since we are only dealing with the trailing cold front and not the low, we had no such tornadoes.  The cold front hit us this morning with strong winds out of the west/northwest.  The strongest winds were, of course, in the thunderstorms and I am pleased to share that we WERE low on fresh water.  Now the starboard tank is running over and the port tank is more than half full.  We cannot fill the bow tank from rain, that is the water-maker's job.

Due to our delayed departure, we got a few projects completed, I got to participate in the opening of the women's Bible study, the guys attempted to recover a bee hive from a house, we got to make the corn tortillas for fish tacos at Jan and Jay's, and we got a three hour tour of the new farm opened up on Great Guana Cay.  The green house was especially fascinating.  It is a very ambitious endeavor by Chris, Mike and their partner.  While it is much more acreage than our farm, Chris is much younger than us.  Plus he has hired labor.  (I have since repented the coveting of hired help, and I am thankful for the volunteer help we did receive - farm fairies.)  A couple weeks ago we purchased some mixed greens and arugula from Chris' son who was walking around MOW Cay with a red wagon full of greens!  They were excellent.  We wish them the best for their farm, which is the best outcome for the neighboring islands.  Grow local, buy local.

One of the projects: Repair anchor light.  Check.

Another project: Replace damaged halyard. Check.

Jay and Myron working up the smoker on the bee project.  It is odd to see people wear jeans on the island.

Myron (kneeling at house), Jay (next to Myron), and Dexter (third one out), geared up for bee recovery.  Ended up that bees were under foundation and not in wall.  Not recoverable:

Myron and Jay having tea before we start assembly of corn tortillas.

I hope to share pictures of the farm visit soon.

Love to all,

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