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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cambridge to Pirate's Cove

The staff were very helpful and kind at Cambridge Municipal Yacht Basin, it made up for the rolly mornings and evenings we endured in the slip (it is a basin not a harbor). Although we were mostly focused on tasks at hand, we had a good time in Cambridge and met up again with Russ and Jane on ‘Luna.’ On Sunday we rode the marina’s loaner bikes to First Baptist Church about a mile from the marina. It is a small church and it was great to see the Holy Spirit move. We were blessed and we were told we were a blessing to them. We will visit that church again if we get back in Cambridge.

We mentioned the failure of the Bullet 2HP after only seven weeks of use. It is on the list of disappointing gear failures. Even before we realized the importance of the bullet, its advantage in staying connected, and its incredible 4.5 mile range, we were diligent in our care of it and would take it down for stowing if a storm or strong winds threatened. On inspection, Myron found condensation inside the bullet. Clearly we need a more robust solution. After hours of research, Myron settled on testing an alternative: Alfa 1000mW USB Wireless G/B Adapter (AWUS036H). It is a USB solution as opposed to the bullet’s Ethernet. Our departure from the marina was delayed until the Alfa was delivered, another helpful marina staff accommodation. Myron briefly tested it in the marina, and then we were off. We should mention that Alfa also has a Tube-U water resistant solution that we will likely test out as well. In any case, we realize that we need a backup, as with all essential equipment. When at anchor, the internet access is handy for monitoring thunderstorms and their proximity to us.

We motor-sailed the majority of our short trip today. We pulled in sail at the Tred Avon entrance to better maneuver around a gang of prams. We love to see the kids learning to sail and the last thing we want to do is traumatize them, even if they were hogging the entrance channel.
From Cambridge to Pirate's Cove
We are anchored in Pirate’s Cove. You could describe it as a big cove or a small bay. There is plenty of room for several boats, our favorite sticky mud, and we have 360 protection. Any fetch would require at least 40 knots and still should not be substantial. Just a few hours after anchoring, we had a thunderstorm blow through with winds over 30 knots. Thankfully it was not the main cell, we know this because of the internet! We also know there are more storms coming throughout the night. On the bright side, it keeps things much cooler!
From Cambridge to Pirate's Cove
Today is Myron’s birthday. No huge celebration, but I did make a pasta, zucchini and sweet Italian sausage dish, even in this heat, and then chocolate pudding for dessert. We are stuffed. This time I made the pudding with real milk. A few weeks ago I learned that almond milk does not cut it for making pudding, the result was more like something you would drink with a straw!

Love to all,

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