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Friday, March 22, 2013

Back at Sand Dollar

Wednesday morning was splendid at Leaf Cay. The forecast was good so we stayed another day. Our friends on Rhapsody left which made us sad, but then Stephen and Marja on 'Motu' spontaneously took an early right on their way south to Georgetown and sailed in for a night's stay. The four of us set out exploring in our dinghy. Our prime target was the abandoned Perry Institute for Marine Science. It was an eerie tour through property and buildings that seemed to be abandoned within at an hour's notice. Food, books and equipment - including a very new decompression chamber - were left behind. It took us hours to walk through the site. We deduced that the massive runway was installed prior to the existence of the institute. Even though it was eerie, it was fun to speculate on the demise of the institute. There are more pictures on our Picasa link to the right.

Word was, do not take anything from the site - except coconuts. We harvested our coconuts on the iguana beach. We were in the middle of getting the husk off the last one and I broke into laughing because it looked like a spiky haired dude:

The next day we made a fishing trip of our motor sail back to Georgetown. It was not a catching trip. We had one hit and watched a mackerel or barracuda go airborne twice at the teaser. Our fishing expeditions have been rather frustrating, but the explorations they afford make up for it.

Hopefully we will break this streak soon. We have company coming and need fish!

Love to all,

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