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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moseying North

We just finished putting Hold Fast back into pre-visitor mode, which means, in short, the v-berth reverts to its garage status, allotting more spaciousness in the main salon, aft cabin and cockpit.  Fred's visit was accompanied by two frontal passages, but we managed to have about 36 hours of pure calm that takes your breath away.  I fear we have forever spoiled him with the incomparable difference between the tannin dark waters of Jacksonville and the brilliant multiple variations of azure waters of the Exumas.  It cannot be avoided.  Fred said he had a good time, ready to come back!
Today's forecast promised winds of 15 to 20 knots out of the southeast.  It takes at least 15 knots to get Hold Fast inspired.  We had the wind velocity, although out of the east.  No matter, it was a nice broad reach.  We were strictly under sail by the time we passed Chat and Chill Beach, sailed out the northern cut and all the way to Rat Cay cut.  It was nice to have favorable winds.  We motor sailed up the inside to this tidy little anchorage, then lunched, napped and hiked.  We were after "Perry's Peak," the highest peak in the Exumas.  No drum roll please, it is only 123 feet - but the view is awesome!  We will share pictures later.
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