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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lynyard Cay to Royal Island

It was good rest last night.  The wind died down and Hold Fast gently rocked from what little swell could made its way around the cay.  We left this morning, the last of five boats to head out, four sailboats and one power boat.  It was slow going at first and then we got a little wind to help us along.  It is hard to describe the beauty of the blue water and bright sky dotted with clouds.  We saw a rain shower, but it kept its distance.  It was a perfect day and a great crossing of the Northeast Providence Channel.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been landing a fish.  Myron must have tried five different lures, a couple of teasers and he even laced some lures with conch skin.  We got three hits but no catches.

Once we were settled in to the anchorage we got a call from Pete and Linda (from Tilloo Cay, Abacos) on ‘Empty Pockets.’   They had been given plenty of fish from Helen, a single-hander on ‘Ain’t Ms. B Haven,’ a Schucker 436.  She caught AND LANDED a 53” cow mahi on the trip over today.  She loves to fish, but does not like to eat it!  Her secret today – pre-rigged ballyhoo.  So there you go, via Helen and Pete and Linda, God still blessed us with fish – just not how we expected.

I am going to go make dinner now…with some very fresh fish!

Love to all,

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