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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Man-O-War Cay to Lynyard Cay

It is terribly difficult to leave a place of friends, fun, easy living, and two small children that have stolen our hearts.  We want to see a few new places on this trip south.  The thought of exploring something new has taken the sting out of leaving Man-O-War Cay, just a little.

There was so much going on at MOW Cay that I told Barb we need to leave so I can get some rest!  In addition to Pastor Randy’s church, we met new people and did more things in MOW Cay than we have done previously.  I already told you about the sewing room with Barb, which was a welcome break.  One day, Myron went out with Willard for conchs…lots of them.  We learned how to clean conchs…lots of them…according to Jay and Jan.  We made desserts out of sapote.  The inside of a black sapote honestly looks like poop when it is fully ripe.  It has a mild chocolate flavor.  We called our desserts ‘poo poo pudding’ and ‘poo poo sherbert.’  Even so, it was good and I will be making more.  Jay and Jan got Myron hooked on black sugar cane, and then Barry and Barb helped me with intervention.  When Ernesto, Natalia and the kids finally showed up, we went to their lunch at school, plus swimming and sand castle building with them after school.  The kids told Myron the Bahamas are worth all the effort to get here and Camila is pretty sure she has the best dad in the world!  The kids went to church with us last Sunday and I had to pry them away when it was all over.  We were the last to leave!  We spent an afternoon with Ian, Janine and Tammy on ‘Jasamine,’ a 50+ foot sailboat that Ian and his brother built in Australia.  And of course we watched the Super Bowl at Jay and Jan’s place, with Giavana, Barb, Barry, and Pirate Joe.  We could fill up our day as much as we wanted, or as little as we wanted.  It was terribly hard to leave.

Speaking of filling up, one day last week, I think it was the day after Atlanta got all that snow, we got plenty of rain.  During a lull, I opened the starboard fill to capture rain and then went off to the sewing room with Barb.  It rained so hard I began to get concerned about overfilling the tank.  That tank holds about 110 gallons and we had emptied it.  Sure enough, when Myron and I got back to Hold Fast, the bilge pump was running.  More than 110 gallons collected from one third of the forward starboard deck in less than four hours – plenty of rain!

Today, after a provisioning trip to Marsh Harbour with Barb and Barry, we left MOW Cay about 1 pm and were anchored in Lynyard by 4 pm.  The wind was light and mostly on the bow, so not much sailing.  After anchoring we finished a boat chore, then dinner, a shower and now we need to get some rest for tomorrow’s trip to Royal Island - as soon as we have some of Barb's key lime pie she sent with us!   

We pray that we will be blessed with a fish or two along the way.

Love to all,

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Ernesto Novillo said...

We already miss you guys! It's weird to dinghy back to Taia and not see Hold Fast there.