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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Onset - Massachusetts

It has been a good trip so far. I saw huge turtles when were about 30 or 40 miles off the Jersey coast. At first I thought they were floats for pots. It was only after I saw one up close that I realized it was a turtle. The shell was sun bleached and had barnacles on it. The thing was huge and seemed to not give a care about us passing by. It continued to swim along with its head down in the water. Once I realized what they were, I saw many more and pointed them out to Myron. Not many dolphins, but I did have one come up even with the cockpit, jump up to take a look at me and then swim away. We saw plenty of sharks. They removed our desire to do any fishing.
After three days and two nights on the Atlantic Ocean, I was glad to see over a hundred open moorings at Block Island, Rhode Island. The Harbormaster, Steve, told us that we are about two weeks ahead of the season. He said from July 1 to Labor Day we would not find an open mooring, or may get in a fist fight trying to get one that was just vacated. On Labor Day, it will take all day for all the boats to leave the harbor. Apparently, it is quite a party town. Yes, very glad to hit it off season as that is not really our scene, especially at $45 a night for a mooring.
When we arrived at Onset and dropped anchor, I already liked this place better. We will better know tomorrow how we feel about the place, but it already seems a lot more low key.
It is definitely cool here, literally. The water was 55 degrees off Block Island. The water heated up to a balmy 60 degrees here at Onset. Myron lit the cole stove last night. Even though we barely saw the sun today, I think we will do without the cole stove tonight since it is not as drizzly and rainy as yesterday. There are a couple of other cruising boats anchored here. Hopefully we can meet them tomorrow.
Time to have dinner and then get some rest.
Love to all,

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