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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Staying at Onset for a Bit

We met one of the other cruisers yesterday morning, Mary and Dave on ‘Mon Amie,’ a Sabre 38 in pristine shape.  They summer over here at anchor and Mary is the net control for Cruizeheimers on Thursday mornings.  They gave us some local knowledge until they were interrupted by a call to pick up their visiting granddaughter.  We left to go exploring.  Our biggest goal yesterday was to order brushes for our autopilot.  The price was stunning at $82 a pair.  They should be here Friday.  In the meantime, we are looking for brush material to make our own, estimated cost probably $6 a pair plus our labor (yes I help Myron).

We used the free wifi at Marc Anthony’s pizza to get the down low on the brushes.  We needed to eat lunch anyway.  Everyone so far has been very friendly, they just talk with a funny accent and talk faster as well as do things faster than you will ever find in the Bahamas or Deltaville.  I say they are helpful, they expect you to answer their question quickly or they kind of loose patience with you.  At least that was the case with the Italian guys at the pizza joint.  By the way, great pizza.  We will do that again sometime.

It is a quaint town and I like it.  We will be here at least until the part is received and installed, and until there is a proper weather window to continue through the Cape Code Canal and northeast.  This is all such new territory for us.  It is fun to explore.  I make frequent references to a map to ascertain what city we are near, and even to know the state.

We are currently at Cup 2 Café, using their wifi.  We seek these places out since our AT&T (Straight Talk) service does not allow us to use hot spot or to tether to a computer.  Incomprehensible.  Data is data, what do they care?  We find it too tedious to do email, research parts and get weather over a tiny phone.  Today’s walk will be several miles for this coffee shop and to run down some spares.  I do not mind the exercise, I just try to stay off the busy streets and out of the rainy weather.  I figure we will get a handle on the bus schedule right about the time we leave!

There must be a lot of Portuguese folks here, because people know how to pronounce our name…and spell it!

Love to all,

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reverse_indicator said...

Glad you are enjoying Onset. We have anchored there several times and love Marc Anthonys. The bus system is good there too.