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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anchored at Hog Cay

We had a sunset cookout and fire on the beach one of the three nights we were in Buenavista Cay. We had gathered wood during the day and invited everyone in the anchorage via radio. As usual, most of the folks were too tired from traveling and it was a nice private evening with Elsa and Yaap from Sark. The sunset was glorious, although no green flash, and the evening turned pitch dark with a brilliant display of starts and a new moon. It was a perfect evening, until it was spoiled when I saw a scorpion scurry around one of the rocks in our fire ring. Since we were all barefoot, sitting on rocks or the ground, we were then constantly turning on our lights and looked at the ground around us. We called it a night and did our best to launch our dinghies in the small surf and head to our respective homes. I would do it again, but start earlier and call it a night before it got so dark.

Today we moved over to Hog Cay. Not much distance. We wanted to make water along the way and sail if it was convenient. It was not convenient. The tanks are topped off and we should be here for the several day duration of an expected significant blow out of the east. We have not had internet for several days, and the service in this location is limited at best.

Jim on Salty Paws is doing a class on the beach for close-up photography tomorrow, for a $15 donation to the schools of Cat Island. He said to bring whatever camera we have. He is a professional photographer and I am looking forward to it.

Love to all,

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