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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Near Nuevitas Rocks

Only an overnight stay at Thompson Bay as it appeared to us that the weather forecast would provide an opportunity to go down to Dollar Harbor. The wind is forecast to clock from south to southwest to west. It was our goal to time each leg of our route with the wind change. That meant that we hung out at Long Island until just before noon. We went into town to drop off trash and meet with the ladies at the Tourist Office. While we were chatting it up with them, we met Sara and Monte Lewis. If those names sound familiar, they are the founders of the Explorer Charts. We told them our plans to head to Dollar Harbor. It seemed to tempt them. I do hope the make the trip. Lovely couple.

We also made a trip to Long Island Petroleum, the gas station side. There was no need for any fuel, but we wanted some Jamaican Patties. They are similar to the empanadas that Natalia (Taia) makes, only the dough they are wrapped in is curried. We got both beef and chicken and had a blast with the sisters that run the joint. I saw a small bag of Cracker Jacks and Myron had to tell the story about the Walmart in NC where he told the cashier that the last Walmart that did not have Cracker Jacks burned down. The sisters at Long Island Petroleum thought it was hilarious. They have a sense of humor. Silence at the NC Walmart, no sense of humor.

A note about Long Island Petroleum: They have supplies for your boat like motor oil, good Deka batteries, heavy duty truck antifreeze, JB Weld, oh?and Jamaican Patties! The sisters are very helpful. It will not be as cheap as the states, but when you need a battery or something like that, it is good to know you can get it there.

Our plan is to fish the drop off early morning and then enter Dollar Harbor. We love that harbor, but it is a difficult entrance. We need to enter on a high tide and have little to no southerly swell. Hopefully that all works out tomorrow. If not, we have a back-up plan.

Time for some rest. Love to all,

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