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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Launches Suspended

The bottom work was complete on Tuesday, in time for our scheduled launch Thursday, tomorrow.  The launch has been put on hold for now as the boating community watches the fickle projected track of ‘Joaquin,’ a nasty low that has shaped up into a “right good storm” (as they say in Nova Scotia).  When we checked in with the yard office this morning, they said ‘all launches are suspended, only haul outs.’  There were forty haul-outs on the schedule for today.  When we first returned to the yard, we were one of the three couples working on boats and the yard had mostly open space.  Now the boats are stacked in, many double deep like us, with still more coming.  Well after dark, I heard the travel lift working off our stern.  It was the new ‘Tilt’ (Island Packet) getting blocked up next to the old ‘Tilt’ (Passport 47).  They had just launched a week ago.

We consider ourselves blessed.  We could have launched earlier in the week and then been running for a place to hide.  Now we will keep working on inside projects and wait all this out on the hard. 

I do find it odd that we have been gone all summer and there has not been any threatening storms for this area.  During our drive out here, each of our gracious hosts mentioned that they had not seen rain for a month or so.  Yet we have almost worn out our windshield wipers.  I have no illusion that we influence the rain in any way or the ten inches we expect to see out of this storm.  I am just saying…I find it odd.

No worries about us.  I guess I could complain about the heat and humidity.  A bowl of chips set on the table goes soggy within an hour.  Some chips were dropped undiscovered on the floor two days ago, when I found them in today's cleaning, they already had mold.  Seriously though, we could not be in a better place.  God is good.  We are on the hard, surrounded by tall pines, other cruisers and a great community of friends we have on land like the Ward’s, Bill and Chris, and Wayne and Sue. 

Love to all,

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William Burry said...

Sometimes things happen for a reason like eating steamed crabs & soggy potato chips the night before the storm. PLOVER is "holding fast" & riding high at our dock on Queens Creek. If we make it thru today's high winds & tide, it's all down hill. Just hoping our channel has not silted in too much. Be safe out there! Your launch will come this week!
Chris & Bill