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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sandy Point, Great Wicomico River to Crisfield, MD

Yesterday we gunkholed around Great Wicomico River, found a nice little spot to wait out a NW blow and then re-positioned back at Sandy Point in preparation to cross the Bay. Sandy Point is nice because it has almost 360 degree protection from fetch…except NW of course. The heat index on most places around the Chesapeake was over 100 yesterday, it was a tough night to get any sleep once the wind disappeared.
From Deltaville to Sandy Point

We are using a combination of guides to the Chesapeake, but I must say that our go-to tends to be ‘Cruising Guide to the Chesapeake’ by William Shellenberger. He has a couple of definitions on the book cover (his words not mine): “‘Gunkhole’ – a shallow cove of channel nearly unnavigable because of mud, rocks, or vegetation; ‘Gunkholer’ – a species of boater that is inexorably drawn to gunkholes in search of seclusion, adventure, wildlife – or just by an ungovernable urge to see what’s around the next bend.”

When dropping the anchor last night we saw something quite new to us. Some small crabs were swimming near the surface among all the jellyfish. At first we thought the jellyfish were in pursuit of the crabs, but then I witnessed a crab go at the jellyfish fast and furious with both claws, cramming the pieces into its mouth as quickly as possible. “You go” I yelled to the crab! It made my day to know that these jellyfish have an enemy. They have ruined every swimming hole.

The forecast called for light winds in the morning and small craft advisories in the afternoon. At first we ghosted along about 2 knots under main and jib, then as the wind freshened we put busted old granddad up (mizzen) and soon we were seeing over 5 knots boat speed with about 10-15 knots wind on the beam. Out on the Atlantic, we blew out the clue out on old granddad. Not desiring to completely lose use of the mizzen we tied the reef into the outhaul to put old granddad back into commission until we get the new sail (already on order from Rolly Tasker). It was good to be sailing again, but there was no time to kickback as we entered into “skinny water” (9-11 feet) on the Tangier Sound. Skinny water also equals crab pots.
From Sandy Point, Great Wicomico River to Crisfield, MD

We first were attracted to Crisfield because of the “all you can eat” crab and clam bake festival. Floyd Ward’s family was from Crisfield and he was very excited to hear it was on our agenda. At Crisfield, we can either anchor in the small harbor or take a slip. Myron surprised me with taking a slip in celebration of our 31st anniversary. It is not cheap, but we doubt we will see lower prices as we head north. We will be here for the next six days and try to get some projects done, including changing out the engine fresh water pump. During his pre-start check, Myron discovered that the pump was starting to fail, and to our surprise, we do not have a spare. We ordered it as soon as we settled in at the marina – then we headed out for…you guessed it…ice cream! One of the most significant advantages of docking at the marina: air conditioner. It will be a sound sleep tonight!

Love to all,
{GMST}37|58.677|N|075|51.478|W|in the slip|Crisfield{GEND}
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