Monday, July 25, 2011

Solomons to La Trappe Creek

It is indeed a small world. At Calvert Marina we docked behind Diamond Girl, a 36’ Nova. Bud commented on my Camarillo Flight Center hat and, within what seemed like seconds, we realized we shared the stomping grounds of Ventura Yacht Club back in the ‘90’s. Bud was the Commodore and Myron and I used to crew for John Grether on Strider, his J35C. Bud and Elaine have been cruising between Florida and Chesapeake for about six years and just celebrated their 48th anniversary. Not only do they have longevity, but they also have true grit – Diamond Girl has no air conditioning, just fans. They expect that our hot weather might last another couple of weeks. They are working for Waterway Guide and were kind enough to give us some tips on primo anchorage spots. They also gave us a new Skipper Bob guide – woo hoo!
One of the anchorage tips was La Trappe Creek. I was ready to pass it by, too shoal an entrance to risk, but they encouraged us. The air during the trip over was thick, a prime thunderstorm making day. As the day wore on, we sensed the thunderstorms chasing us into the anchorage. My prayers were frequent that we would encounter the thunderstorm before or after the entrance, just not during. Our latest routine is that it is my job to get us to the entrance, and Myron’s job to get us through the entrance. As he rounded the second channel marker he told me to brace myself because the bottom was shoaling quickly. We were expecting to see a minimum of ten feet on the entrance, but it came up to six feet. Thank God the six feet held. We were holding our breath as well and let out a collective sigh as the bottom dropped down to ten feet again. We dropped the hook in eight feet and grabbed right away, probably in that sticky mud, the perfect match for our Manson Supreme anchor. A second sailboat arrived shortly before the thunderstorms and now a third is here. We are tight in this little cove, but the holding is good, the water is skinny, so not much scope is required, which makes us all play well with each other when swinging only on one hook.
The thunderstorms were perfect timing and a God send. It is cooler now, the rain stopped, a slight breeze continues and we can open our ports. It should, we hope, be a pleasant night’s sleep.
From Solomons to La Trappe Creek
As a side note, we were unable to attend church on Sunday. There was nothing within walking distance and we are only allowed to borrow the marina car for an hour at a time. We will see if it holds true, but our theory is that churches are more readily available within walking distance in small towns.
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