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Friday, July 1, 2011

Deltaville, VA

Last night 'Alfin II,' a Brewer 44, circled us at anchor several times asking what we knew of the weather forecast. They were evaluating their window to run outside up to Newport, RI. Myron said he was getting an update on the HAM radio about 6 or 7, when propagation improved. They invited us to aboard for dinner as thanks for the weather report. It was a wonderful evening of tasty Cuban food and good conversation. Kiko and Gordi conduct boat accident analysis for the USCG.

As to our weather, we were promised light air for the next few days, from alternating directions. Might as well poke our bow out into the Chesapeake at dawn and see if we could catch some favorable wind. It was favorable, but light, for the first several hours. A nice broad reach until the winds went too light. It was going to be a tough entrance into Jackson Creek, something to only be attempted during daylight hours, so on came the iron sail and we arrived about 2:30 pm. Myron says that inlet is not for the faint at heart.

We tried the public dock for a 24 hour stay, and after getting all docked in by ourselves, we walked to the sign that does not face the dock which prohibited overnight docking. Away from the dock we went to a spectacular anchor spot surrounded by homes in pine trees. It is so beautiful we felt guilty and kept waiting for someone to come tell us we had to leave. Now there are other boats anchored around us, we feel pretty smart! If there is a drawback here, it is that the water is full of jellyfish. No swimming to be had here, and the swimming is so tempting. I pointed out one to Myron with tentacles almost three feet long. I only found small ones for pictures.

The town is putting on 'Heritage Day' tomorrow. We will figure out where to dock our dingy and take the long walk to Tiffany's (West Marine), hitting the festivities on the way back. We are hoping there are some bay crabs cooked up with our name on them. This town also has a museum and some historical sites. Not sure how long we will stay here, there seems plenty to do.

A man rowed by in his kayak and told us about the tornado that struck here recently. We took the dingy to see some of the downed trees and some more folks told us to tour the town on foot. Apparently the center was torn right out of one church, leaving the sides standing only.

Much to see yet, off to get some rest. Love to all,
{GMST}37|32.804|N|076|20.291|W|nice neighborhood|Deltaville, VA{GEND}
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Anonymous said...

Love reading about your travels! You are not far from our old stomping grounds at Solomon's Island on the Patuxent. It's been a long time since we were there, but it was a great spot! Have fun!

Toni and Gideon

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