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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back on the Dismal Canal

We are back on the Dismal Canal and loving it! It is easy to be neighborly to other boaters because they are rafted up next to us. This time we have a cream puff Krogen rafted up named "The Good Life." It is their first time coming south and first time on the Dismal. The weather today makes up for yesterday, it has been simply gorgeous. The trees are just starting to turn colors so we have the beginning of reds and yellows mixed in with the pine trees. I am so glad we are doing the Dismal again. Soon enough, it will be over.

Love to all,
Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}36|30.394|N|076|21.353|W|Tied to the Visitor Center|Dismal Canal{GEND}

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