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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mile Hammock Bay

It is not for lack of desire that we did not go offshore from Morehead City. We cannot do anything about the weather except respect it. Our favorable forecast has taken a turn for the worse. There is a system up north with hurricane force winds and the low near us is working its way north to join the party, apparently they will be united within 24 hours. As a result of that low wailing through here, there are gale force winds off Hatteras and 10-16 foot seas. In addition to that, it is downright cold. We think we were seeing gusts of maybe 30 knots today on the ICW as we worked our way south around Camp LeJeune. We had temperatures in the 40's so I imagine the wind chill could be as low as the 30's. I could not even get the cinnamon rolls to rise, so we are working on solving that problem tonight now that we are at anchor.

We figure we have it good though. We will look for another opportunity to go offshore, yet in the meantime we get to keep working our way south. Our buddies are not so fortunate. Anthony is stuck in Norfork and he thinks it may snow there tonight. Stephen and Marja were stuck in Elizabeth City because the Alligator River Bridge will not open when the wind is over 30 knots. We may have the same trouble with bridges here. At the Onslow Beach Bridge, we kept hoping the bridge tender did not see Hold Fast heeling over in the wind as we waited for an opening. Either way, it is all an adventure and, so far, forward progress.

Our ICW guide notes that the marines could kick us out of this anchorage at anytime. I cannot believe they would take such action just before sunset when we have no where else to go. We are anchored off the boat ramp and there are five other boats here as well. It gave me a laugh to see a sign on the cross road to the ramp that read "Caution: Tank Xing Ahead."

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}34|33.132|N|077|19.468|W|anchored at Mile Hammock Bay|Camp LeJeune{GEND}

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