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Friday, January 20, 2012

Current Cut

Today we made no hard plans for a destination, but rather planned a fishing trip. After coffee and a few chores, we motored out of Royal Island Harbor then set the jib to run downwind back to Little Egg Island cut, the one we came in. We fought grass on the lures for at least 45 minutes then finally ran clear of the nasty stuff on the west side of the banks. We ran the deep water off the banks for at least an hour and never got a hit until we came in the Current Rock cut. That strike did not hold but sure put a dent in a very big lure (eight inch). We did not get the fish, but it left us its tooth!

We anchored off 'North Beach' of Current Settlement, put the dinghy in and shot through the Current Cut around to the public dock. We were in search of ice cream. Current Settlement's downtown consists of a post office, general store, church, public phone and a community center. They are mostly recovered from a devastating hurricane (Andrew). It is really beautiful here, with the contrasting blues from the water's depths and clean white sand. We are very happy we did not pass this by. The weather is calm enough for us to enjoy the evening.

We met Mark on 'Down Island,' who wrote a book by the same name. He has been here several times and offered to lead us through Current Cut and the jog to the west. We are taking him up on that offer. After that we go our separate ways, but expect to see him again in Georgetown.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}25|24.720|N|076|47.416|W|Anchored|Current Cut{GEND}

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