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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lynyard Cay

I must say I enjoyed Hope Town. It might be a different place on a weekend, but we thought it was quite pleasant. It is very quaint although everything seems to be for sale or rent. We met some nice folks on a beautiful power boat, 'Ganesh.' While we waited for high tide, we had another walk around town and found the elementary school and their garden. They grow things such as tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and chives. It is there for the taking, but they do ask for donations. All the 'maters were gone on our visit, but I like the way they think.

We left Hope Town at high tide, not only to get out (it is a bit shoal for us) but also to take a short cut inside the Parrot Cays. There was about a five foot swell running after we came around Tilloo Bank and near the Pelican Cays. It made us reconsider possible anchorages and wonder how uncomfortable it might be in Lynyard Cay. The wind has since turned very light and from the west. Lynyard is turning out to be just fine. we need to rest up as the winds look favorable (west and then turning northeast) for our ocean passage tomorrow, the Northeast Providence Channel.

The Abacos were very nice, and made even more special since we were able to visit with precious friends.

Love to all,

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