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Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Majors Spot

We took a break yesterday, after taking our dinghy through the mangroves to the Sound, then we rode over Elbow Cay. It is rugged and foreboding, even before we found a wreck on the NW shore. We think we found an old wooden boat mast and the timber hull ribs. There was no information about in the guidebook, so we are left to our own imagination. I shudder at the thought of encountering that iron shore.

Today we weighed anchor just after 7 am, intending to arrive at Big Majors before the winds increased and headed us. It was all working according to plan for the first two hours with the winds NE on our quarter stern, then the squalls lined up and made the very weather we were looking to avoid. It was a hard beat into 20-25 knots the last couple of hours. We were not the only sailors with high hopes, there were 10 other sailboats right with us. Now we are at anchor, the squalls are gone (for now) and the weather is acting according to forecast at 15 to 20 knots out of 050 (NE). This is a great anchorage and well known. There must be at least 40 other boats here of all sizes and types.

We hope to snorkel the grotto tomorrow and see the swimming pigs. We can see pigs on the beach from here, but we were too beat to put the dinghy together and ride in. It sounds like a good stop on our way out to the grotto.

I forgot to mention a phenomenon I have observed for the first time in the Bahamas: Clouds with blue/green reflection on the bottom. Myron remembered that our friend Chris mentioned seeing them in the Pacific, he said that was how you could tell the location of an island. The clouds reflect the azure water. I do not believe I will ever grow tired of the beautiful hues of blue/green and the contrasting white sand.

It is time to get the bread in the oven.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}24|11.047|N|076|27.803|W|Anchored|Big Majors{GEND}

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