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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Raccoon Cay - Raggeds

Surprise! We did not go north today after all. The weather forecast changed and we will see less winds south than north, as well as less winds than were expected. We spied this nice anchorage on the Explorer Charts that should do just fine in a north or north east blow. Usually the best anchor holding is described on the charts as 'good,' this one is noted as 'excellent.' I am all for excellent. Now that we are here, we quite agree. It is mostly thick sand and our Manson Supreme has probably gone subterranean. We expect the blow to last five days and hopefully moderate after that. I am identifying projects I can work on while stuck on Hold Fast for the duration of the worst winds. There may be some squalls, but that is OK, Hold Fast could really use a good wash. After today's slog south in SSE winds at 15-20 knots, she is covered in salt up to her spreaders.
At this point, we are all by ourselves in this anchorage and we hope it stays that way for the blow. Better to only concern ourselves with our anchor holding and not have the additional concern of other boats' anchors. Besides, being all alone here makes us feel even more like we are sitting on the edge of the world. That feeling of solitude was really pressed home when we watched the sun set.
Tomorrow we will take time to walk on the beach and explore the cove by dinghy. We will also prepare Hold Fast for the winds to come. We are anchored in the southern portion of the cove tonight for the SSE winds and will relocate tomorrow to the northern portion. You should be able to see this cove by zooming in on the Google Earth map.
Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}22|21.290|N|075|48.791|W|Anchored|Raccoon Cay{GEND}

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