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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sand Dollar Beach - Georgetown

Hog Cay on Long Island was a beautiful place and at sunset we saw the green flash - fantastic!

We fished today on the route to Elizabeth Harbor (Georgetown) and caught four fish. One was a large Mahi Mahi, but she got away AFTER we landed her on the boat. I was sick about that. It was rocking and rolling pretty good from the sea swell. She decided to put up a good fight once on deck and through off the lure and the gaff and on a good roll of the boat, she just slipped right off the aft deck back into the water. That disappointment was mostly melted away when we caught a bull Mahi Mahi - and kept him! After that we had a double hook-up. We put the jib away and drifted while we both fought fish on the aft deck. To our surprise, they were sail fish. One was hooked in the lower jaw and the other in the bill. Myron was able to pull each one up and remove the hook and they both swam away - hopefully wiser.

We are anchored back at Sand Dollar Beach and I am ready for a good nights sleep.

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

Miss ya wish we were their hope to see ya soon