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Friday, March 2, 2012

Water Cay - again

We indeed had a pleasant night at Flamingo Cay, until 1:30 am anyway. Then it became quite rolly. We could still sleep through it, but the rolling was an indication of something sinister on the other side of the cay. Our sail today was proof of that, 4+ft swells coming through the cuts and 20 knots of wind. Our sail became a tighter and tighter reach into Water Cay. Hold Fast held around 6 knots, except when the current was exceptionally strong. We found the currents strong not only at the cuts, but also around the blue holes. Kind of spooky!

I failed to mention yesterday that upon returning from the beach at Flamingo Cay, I saw what I thought were two small sharks under Hold Fast. It spoiled the plan to go swimming. Myron looked into the water with his mask from the dingy and saw that they were Ramoras, specifically Sharksuckers. Research in our fish book revealed that they are not very discriminate in selecting a host and can attend vessels. They will even remain with Bull Sharks into fresh water. We were not sure if we picked them up passing a reef or if they lived in the cove at Flamingo. We do not see them now, therefore the latter must be the case. When our anchor neighbors came over in their dingy last night, one of the Ramoras swam out to greet them. They seem more like pets. We fed them this morning and I would have named them should we have stayed any longer.

Time to make lunch and get some rest. Tomorrow is a long day, 65% is on quarter stern, but the rest will be a tough slog into Thompson Bay.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}23|01.783|N|075|42.923|W|Anchored|Water Cay{GEND}

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