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Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Point

We spent the last few days preparing Hold Fast to begin a journey north - including snorkeling for hours to scrub the bottom. It was a big chore and the one time I missed the small displacement of our little 26 foot Islander. Today we bid farewell again to Georgetown. We were hopeful for good gradient winds on our quarter stern all the way up to Galliot Cut. What we experienced instead was a theft of the gradient winds by ever looming squalls. The result was a lot of wind on the stern, then no wind, then wind on the nose then conflicting swells. It can make for tedious sailing but we were pleased with the overall result of a record 5.5 hour passage from Sand Dollar Beach to Galliot Cut, a ride on the tide through the cut (over seven knots going in), followed by brief (about an hour) but intensely enjoyed 'Shari sailing' downwind on the banks. We had to bring in the poled out jib when a squall headed us with about 30 knots of wind (deduced by the spendrift on the water's surface). It was a good thing the main was already reefed because we were busy closing up the cockpit due to rain so heavy that we lost visibility. We fired up the radar to look for traffic and turned on our running lights (at 3 pm in the day!) The radar also indicated the location of the squalls and Myron could see that we were in for a break within the hour - just in time to round Black Point and head in to anchor.

It was a long day and we worked hard. We anchored to starboard of our friends, Greg and Luba, on the Mason 44 'Rhapsody,' and to their port side rests 'Beach Cruiser.' We hailed Barb and Barry on Beach Cruiser but did not get a response. Greg stopped by in the rain to welcome us. We talked briefly but he could tell we were not up for socializing until we got some food and rest. We have been anchored for about five hours. A strong wind is now upon us and forecast to remain for the next four days. All the more reason to stay here and visit with Barb and Barry until they depart for points south.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}24|06.107|N|076|24.295|W|Anchored|Black Point{GEND}

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