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Friday, April 20, 2012

Staniel Cay - Thunderball Grotto

For some reason, Black Point has a special place in my heart. Maybe it is because it has a delicate balance of remoteness and civilization. Or maybe it is the free internet! Seriously, I miss it already. We had a nice reunion, not just with Barb and Barry on 'Beach Cruiser,' but also with Mark and Jennifer on 'Starlet.' It was a satellite Ortega Yacht Club Marina meeting! All docks were represented! We were re-acquainted with Paul and Sue on the trawler 'Odyssey,' who we originally met in the Abacos. As it goes in cruising though, we all parted ways shortly after reuniting. Starlet back to OYCM, Beach Cruiser and Odyssey to Georgetown.
Our newest acquaintances are John and Shawna on 'Island Girl,' a Bahamian style cat ketch - double masted with two mains. The boat is cold-molded wood and has the basic amenities. During our hike yesterday, we could see them tacking up to Staniel Cay in the afternoon sun. It was a sight to behold.
Yesterday we ran the Dotham Cut to move north on the outside in the hopes of landing a fish. Unfortunately we did not even get a strike. The great news is that we took a mooring right next to our buddies Stephen and Marja on Motu. They are having engine trouble, waiting on parts, before they head north to meet a friend flying into Marsh Harbour. We spent the remainder of the day together, catching up, hiking several miles on Staniel Cay and enjoying a well earned dinner. Their parts should be in today but we may remain in the same vicinity to wait out a blow from the southwest and west. It is more difficult to find protection from such non-prevalent winds and we may be in one of the few spots that provides moderate 360 degree protection. The tidal current is strong here. While it is something to contend with, it also makes for glorious visibility in the water. I thank God we have not yet come to take for granted the incredible hues of blue water against white sand - and we are still awed by the view.
We had another piece of equipment fail - the windless. It was on our replacement list for the Jacksonville stop and we really expected it to last until then. We can still hand crank it, but that is slow and hard going. When Myron pulled it apart, the four brushes were not stuck but rather completely gone and the springs were acting as brushes. We broke out the 'German sweat shop' again and cannibalized old alternator parts. Myron soldered the alternator brushes on to the windless brush housing, sanded the brushes to the right size and I wound the springs on to each. Thus far, it is working as long as it is not used to dislodge the set anchor. We pray that this temporary fix lasts until we are at OYCM.
Love to all,

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