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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shroud Cay

We had fun at Staniel Cay visiting with our friends on Motu and new friends on Island Girl and Layla. We stayed on the mooring during the distasteful weather. I must say it was interesting when the long fetch from the strong winds and the five knot tidal current pushed us around in unison. The mooring line wound down to a thread, turning our backup line into the primary line - and the only line. We waited on deck like expectant fathers for the tide to go slack so Myron could swim to the mooring and affix new lines. We thank God it all worked out well in 20 knots of wind and that it happened during the day. We slept well that night knowing there were three lines between Hold Fast and the mooring.
On Tuesday, once the winds moved east of north, we slipped the mooring and moved to Big Majors Spot. We tucked up near Fowl Cay, a private resort but it had the calmest waters in that massive anchorage. We dropped anchor about 11 a.m. and by 1 p.m. most of the other boats relocated to that side. There is a herd mentality in the cruising community. No worries, there was plenty of room.
This morning we set sail about 8 am. Myron said it was one of our best sails yet. I would rate the sail at the upper edge of 'Shari sailing.' Since we were on the banks, we had relatively flat seas, but the gusts were close to 20 tending to put us over now and again. We made record time and often saw 7.6 knots. Since the weather was agreeable, we tested out some sail combinations. The mizzen can have quite an impact on the helm. Initially Hold Fast was not on a tight reach, yet it was something short of a broad reach. We had up the full jib, full main and a double reefed mizzen, which we left a little loose. It seemed to work well on that point of tack. As our course pushed us into a tight reach, we had to drop the mizzen. We left the other two sails up full and were still seeing over six knots. Yes, it was a good day.
The view of Pigeon Cay from our current position is breath-taking. I am sure the pictures will not do it justice. As we watched the sun set tonight, Myron mentioned that it seems like it has been a year since we were here last, yet it has only been just shy of three months. I do not know to what I can attribute the expanse of time. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with meeting so many new people and serving God in ways we never expected.
Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}24|31.341|N|076|47.637|W|Anchored|Shroud Cay{GEND}

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