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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dollar Harbour

We were certainly disappointed this morning when the forecast changed and showed wind and waves on the nose. Our target was South Point, aptly named as the southern most point on Long Island. We were never going to make it that far before nightfall under these conditions. We considered going to the Jumentos, but we are glad we continued with the original plan. As we turned at Nuevitas Rocks, Myron began to get the lures out. The pink and black lure was only about ten feet behind the boat when we accidentally caught a barracuda. It took some time to get our lure back and get rid of the fish. Shortly after that, with both lures towing, we had something hit the pink and black and run pretty good, then it really ran hard. Myron noticed we had another fish on the blue and white tuna plug. I was reeling that in while Myron was trying to get the other reel under control. We lost the pink and black lure, leader and swivel. On the blue and white tuna plug we had a tuna. Our theory is that we had two tunas and attracted a shark, which really made one of the tunas run but the shark took it all from us. Tomorrow the winds will be a little lighter, if the forecast holds, and we will go fishing the edge of the deep water again.

Bruce and Gina on Dream Catcher preceded us into the anchorage today and radioed to us the depths they saw about 3/4 through a flood tide. The most shallow they saw was six foot. We are glad we gave this anchorage a try. It is quite stunning at low tide with the blue water and white sands. We are snug here and hoping for a good night's sleep.

Tuna for dinner was a special treat tonight!

Love to all,

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