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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hog Cay

Yesterday was a big day of preparing Hold Fast to sail the seas again. We had been toiling away on projects while we waited for a weather window to head to points south and east. It is amazing how many tools and 'stuff' (such as 'Beauty' the light duty sewing machine) gets scattered around when we are at anchor for any length of time. Today was the first day in about 3 weeks that we did not have strong southeast winds so we took advantage of it. As you can see by our tracks, we made our way around White Cay through the Comer Channel to the south side of Hog Cay where we are protected from a mild north wind. We enjoyed a couple hours of 'Shari sailing,' flat seas and under 15 knots, but we also spent time motor sailing while we made over 200 gallons of water. The route is a shallow one and sometimes the water was so calm we could see starfish on the bottom. We were joined on today's trip by Don and Maryann on 'Straight From the Heart' and Bruce and Gina on 'Dream Catcher.'

No one is launching a dinghy to go visiting as we all expect to rise early and be somewhere else tomorrow evening.

I wish all our travel days could be as wonderful as today!

Love to all,

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