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Sunday, January 20, 2013

South Point - Long Island

Last night's stay at Dollar Harbor was good, except we did get a swell coming in the opening during high tide. Not much of a problem, just makes you get up and see if everything is alright. When I got up at 4 am to take a look outside, I did a double take and realized I was looking at all points on the Southern Cross. I knew I woke Myron when I got up so I shared this information with him through the aft companionway. He was out of bed and on deck in a flash! Then he went to the port side of the deck and saw the Big Dipper that points to Polaris in the north sky. It was a big sailor celestial night for us!

Today we departed as early as we could get light, in an attempt to beat an ebbing tide. We were doing well on the exit from Dollar Harbor until a one foot roller took our water and Hold Fast skidded on sand bottom. It was only a soft and brief contact that barely slowed her down. I was glad once we were back in deeper water. We fished today but did not catch. We lost another lure, leader and swivel after something took it for a hard run, we assumed shark again. Those sharks are costing us a bit of money in lures.

No Shari sailing today. It was a rough day on the water which makes just about any anchorage welcoming. There is a swell making its way around the point and into our anchorage. We spent about two hours employing various tricks to get Hold Fast to stay bow to swell, but with a current and fluky wind - nothing would hold her bow-to. We finally put all the gear away and reminded ourselves it was just for one night. At this point, we are stern to the swell. Go figure.

There was absolutely no civilization near our anchorage last night, and tonight seems much the same. I guess we have really taken an unbeaten path. Even so, I thought I spied through my binocs a new Batelco tower (Bahamas phone) on the coast a couple miles back from South Point and that is how we hope to post this blog and get our weather forecast. Times are changing!

Not sure where we will end up tomorrow. I hope the Acklins. I will tell you where we are when we get there!

Love to all,

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delandtomsailing said...

Hi Myron and Dena,
I hope this comment finds you in the Acklins. Very informative blog; we can use the fishing tips. My flight is booked to join Tom in St. Thomas on Feb. 6. Can't wait.