Friday, March 17, 2017

Almost There

We planned our arrival to the boat yard for slack current, which was just before noon. After 11 am, we called the boat yard and confirmed our arrival. We were told to come straight to the dock, we were the only haul out today, except for an emergency lift for a vessel taking on water. The arrangements changed once we were tied up, then changed again. A boat was launched and is now between us and the haul out slip, and another boat has been hung for the night in the lift. The end result is that we will not be hauled today. So close, yet so far. We were told we will be hauled out tomorrow. We certainly hope so because there are no haul outs on Sunday or Monday.

We will get done what we can at the dock and deal with the oddities of this boat yard as calmly as possible. The stainless forward of the main mast has already been polished and waxed. Paul and Shari brought us lunch. Food is a great coping mechanism. The van started right up and the tires evened out when we went to pick up our mail and rent a movie.

When I get some time as well as decent internet, I will share more pictures.

Love to all,

{GMST}29°58.96'N|081°38.97'W|10:00 PM|{GEND}

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