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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pics - MOW Cay to Rock Sound

Open internet means you get pictures.

This is our mangled ballyhoo after something tore it apart on the Northeast Providence Channel crossing:

Leaving Royal Island Harbor early morning.  We have red skies in the morning ("sailor take warning"). We did and went straight to the west side of Rock Sound:

In lining up with Current Cut, we held back and let a tug and barge take the lead:

Tug and barge gets mid-cut before we commit ourselves to the run:

Tug and barge went to Rock Sound as well and anchored with the cruisers for protection:

The weather frames the cruising fleet:

After the bad weather, we are anchored back on the east side facing another beautiful day:

The third grade girls put on the 'Belt of Truth' at Bible Boot Camp, Rock Sound, Eleuthera Island:

Third grade and younger at Bible Boot Camp, Rock Sound.  Some are a bunch of hams!

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