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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pics - East End Point, Eleuthera Island

More pics:

There is a beautiful semi-circle beach at East End Point, Eleuthera Island.  The conditions were just right for us to stay one night after fishing for the day.  Still some swell there, but tolerable to be alone with a view:

This point and extended reef protected us from most of the swell from the Exuma Sound:

One of the Princess cruise ships was anchored around the corner.  We could not see it from our anchorage and it left before sunset anyway:

A striking sunset, although no green flash:

Sunrise at our private anchorage.  You can barely see Little San Salvador Island in the gap of the rocks:

The morning sun peaks over the rocks that protect us from the Atlantic swell:

Only a completely calm anchorage let our anchor chain hang straight down and loop along the bottom:

Just a few more pics coming,

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