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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Three

The water out here is a gorgeous blue. I could gaze at it admiringly for hours?oh wait, I am.
We have been northing because that is what we can do and that is where more favorable winds are predicted/forecasted/promised. We were also trying to avoid a low pressure area moving in from our south. Looks like it cannot be avoided and will probably overtake us in a couple of hours. Our latitude is slightly north of Bermuda, maybe we will get westerlies to ride back down. Such is the life on the wind.
We are starting to name things on Hold Fast. I have no idea what that might be indicative of, hopefully just good humor. In that vein, we had Big Betty out today. She is our red and white spinnaker. The winds were light so we used her like an over-sized Genoa. It was a very comfortable and made the most out of light winds. We just took her down after the winds freshened up. All sails up again, Genoa, Main and Old Granddad (mizzen).
Crossing the shipping lanes for Savannah, Brunswick and points north was a two person job the first night. I wanted to get a download of the screen showing all the potential collisions happening at once, and then another screen shot after "crises averted." We have not figured that out yet - I suspect that scenario will present itself once again. The AIS (Automatic Identification System) radio is a wonderful tool. We called one tug - AND HE RESPONDED - to avoid him and his "tows. " He asked for 2,000 feet; that is a lot of luggage.
We are adjusting to life underway. Our watch schedule is still flexible until we figure out the routine we like. Thank you again for all your prayers!
Please be aware that we may not be able to update the blog or our position every day. Yesterday we had trouble with propagation. Myron tried three times with no joy. It was not until evening that he finally had success. If we miss a day or so in updating our position, that is likely the culprit.

{GMST}33|13.500|N|075|48.260|W|Good to go|Day Three{GEND}

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