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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old Point Comfort

Today was a day of contrasts. We waited almost an hour for the Gilmerton Highway Bridge, it could not be helped. The bridge now has time restrictions due to construction and the Deep Creek Lock times south of the bridge do not coordinate well for a boat of our speed, or at the speed we are willing to drive her as we 'boat by brail.' Gilmerton Bridge was our transition point from the sticky and buggy solitude of the Great Dismal Swamp Canal into the busy and bustling commercial and military shipping lanes of Norfolk. We pushed through Norfolk on the Elizabeth River, skipped Hampton and shot the narrow entrance for an anchorage at Old Point Comfort.

The winds are very light and out of the Northeast, we are well protected here for those winds. We are looking for East, West or South winds for our next leg. This anchorage is more exposed to South and West winds, and I figure when we need winds from a certain direction, just go anchor somewhere that is not protected from that direction and the winds will come!

At Elizabeth City, I bought one of those fly catching sticks and at first I chased the flies around swinging the stick to get the flies stuck in the glue. Myron was sure that was not the proper use of the thing, especially after I got glue on the GPS. He took it away from me and hung it up near the galley. The swallows are in a league of their own, so the new scoreboard shows: Fly Stick - 2; Myron - 8+; Dena = quit counting at 10 (we also bought a fly-swatter). Tonight's anchorage seems good, if nothing else, because we do not have biting flies. It is also cooler out here in the open.

Love to all,
{GMST}37|00.589|N|076|19.110|W|great sunset|Old Point Comfort{GEND}

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