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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leaving Cumberland Island

The anchorage at Cumberland Island was truly a pleasure. It was flat and calm yet with a blessed breeze. It had to be at least ten degrees cooler than Jacksonville and there were no trains or constant boat wakes. There was great wildlife as well. We saw manatees, manta rays, turtles, jelly fish (turtle food), dolphins, and the island's infamous wild horses, including a mare with her appaloosa colt.
We got another visit from Paul and Shari who were kind enough to bring a few needed items from Tiffany's for Boaters (West Marine) as well as some luxury food items such as mushrooms, blueberries, limes and, yes, ICE! We hiked together on the island and visited for a few hours before yet another tough goodbye. Then it was back to work to prepare for departure.
Myron made a couple of modifications on the fresh water maker to take the stress out of operation and fresh flush shut down. On Monday, we did another test run with the waste water configured to flush down the galley sink. The 3/8" tube was lively enough under about 40 pounds of pressure, and got a bit scary when he brought it up to 750 PSI, like a Water Wiggle on steroids?someone could lose an eye. I managed to spray myself, my recently washed dishes and much of the galley before I got it under control. All solved now with the parts Paul brought and the waste water goes directly overboard. Myron is very careful to avoid potential mutinous scenarios.
We pulled up anchor at about 8:30 this morning and stowed the anchor at about 8:45. It was good holding ground, so good that it continued to hold to the anchor and we had to pry the mud/clay/shells off the anchor with a boat hook. We motorsailed out of channel right into light conditions. It will be difficult to make much easting today with winds this light and directly from where we want to go.
If you are so inclined, please pray for winds from the west, or we would be happy with winds from the south. The forecast calls for winds from the south tomorrow, but we trust prayer not forecasters!

{GMST}31|06.700|N|080|56.949|W|Out to sea|Motor-sailing{GEND}

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Lifechanging said...

We really miss you guys and Lucky is just so sad. Well I will be praying for your winds to be in the right directions. I started updating my travel blog so if you want to see it go to

We love you very much,
Love Paulette & Rich