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Friday, June 24, 2011


Mission: Success!
We had just zipped up the cockpit on Hold Fast to ward off a down pour and were re-arranging wet cushions when I heard a man yell ‘Dena.’ I was surprised that some cruiser might address me rather than Myron, since he is much more memorable than I. Then I saw Paul and recognized Shari. I think we were in shock. Crazy people! First they catch us on ‘Gretel’ after we leave the dock at Ortega Yacht Club & Marina and they jump aboard to ride with us out to the Mayport entrance. Then they take ‘Short Trip’, their inflatable dingy, out to us at Cumberland Island and spend the afternoon. Now they show up in Elizabeth City. What a riot! We truly were surprised, I mean, who would not be – that is about a 600 mile drive – one way.
They were not sure where we would be on Thursday since we had not updated our post, but Myron’s email to Barry gave them the location information they needed. They were quite surprised we are moving so quickly north. Just in case we moved again, they were loaded with Short Trip, a VHF radio, charts and plenty of fuel.
We enjoyed yesterday evening with them and most of today. This morning they toured around on Short Trip while we did laundry and projects. They graciously drove us around to look for some needed things. It was really helpful. They have enjoyed the great food here and were with us tonight to watch the movie on the grass in front of the docks. I think tomorrow Myron and Paul will go out on Short Trip and Shari has volunteered to help me with a bug screen project that did not get finished today. Hopefully we will sneak in some time at the farmer’s market. It has been a wonderful time together and we keep asking them where they will meet us next.
Now, if anyone else is thinking about meeting up with us, you might consider planning a meeting spot for a couple of reasons:
1. we are highly unpredictable;
2. you might not be willing to search for us on a dingy; and
3. there were a few things that might have had delivered that would have been helpful!
With that said, thank you everyone for keeping this a surprise – it was really great.
Love to all,

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