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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black Point – Great Guana Cay

Here is a picture of those rock iguanas that we visited everyday while in Allen's Cay:
From Allen's/ Major
Tonight we will enjoy another mahi dinner. We thank God for providing such a bounty on our fishing excursion on the Sound.
From Allen's/ Major
Big Majors Spot was a good place to wait out a blow. The holding is good and there is plenty of room. Once the winds were under 20 yesterday we took to the dinghy to explore. First we visited our anchor neighbor (Greg and Marie on ‘Second Sally,’ a Peterson 44). Then we headed to the beach to see these swimming pigs. Sure enough, the pigs swim to arriving boats looking for handouts, with a face only a mother could love.
From Allen's/ Major
Then we headed off to dive The Grotto, also known as Thunderball Cave (a scene from a James Bond movie was filmed there). It is an easy entrance for a snorkel in a cave, or somewhat of a cave as there were a few openings in the top to let sunlight in. The fish there came out to meet us as well. We saw all sorts of beautiful fish and coral. It was truly a memorable snorkel.
This morning we sailed in light air around Harvey Cay and into the anchorage at Black Point. It was a nice sail, the kind of sail we are now referring to as a ‘Shari sail’ because we think Shari would really enjoy it. For that matter, who would not want all the sailing to be that nice!

We visited Black Point Settlement to locate “Lorraine’s.” We had previously made reservations at this restaurant for dinner and to view the Superbowl. We are expecting another blow for the next couple of days, but hopefully the weather will subside by Sunday to allow us to go to church and attend our dinner/Superbowl event. The place looks like it could seat about 20. There is one TV in the main room, but they said they had two. Maybe another one will show up before Sunday.

We also visited the ‘Garden of Eden.’ It is a garden of drift and other woods that resemble things in life. Willie arranges them and he gave us a personal tour. He also showed us the fruit trees and vegetables he is growing in old coral around his house. It was amazing to see how he could encourage food out of such a harsh environment. We saw healthy trees for almonds, sweet apples, mangos, avocados, bananas, limes, guava. He also had corn, sweet potatoes, pigeon beans. There were other plants new and foreign to me and I cannot recall the names. Willie has been growing this food for over ten years. His neighbors said only a fool would try it, but now they want his help to do the same.

Love to all,

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Unknown said...

Swimming pigs and fish! You guys are having too much fun. Wish I were there. - Cory