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Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Point (Great Guana Cay) to Cave Cay (Galliot Cut)

I had a special interest and excitement about going to Black Point that were not shared for other destinations. I had no idea of the reason for these emotions, but it was revealed to us as we set about the settlement. It is a quiet settlement, not touristy. The laundromat tops any I have been to in the states, and the laundromat owner, Ida, invited us to Luke Baptist Church, one of the three churches in town. While doing laundry, I met Sharon and Charlie, missionaries that spend six months a year in Black Point to teach Bible studies for church leaders and work with the local children. Time flew by in the company of these lovely people. On Sunday, Jack, Nicole and their 16 month old, Marietta, from 'Kitty Hawk' a CSY 44, joined us in attending Ida's church. It was a service where the Holy Spirit was welcomed and God's Word was taught. For those so inclined, we invite you to join us in praying for this small church and the typical struggles of small church.
A nap was due after church services, especially since the Super Bowl would run past my 8:30 pm bedtime. Even though we made reservations in advance at Lorraine's Café and got there before 5 pm, the place was packed with cruisers and we could not find a place to sit inside. There were no TVs outside. We are glad we did not pay in advance. We walked a few paces down the road to DeShaMon's Restaurant. The first area was taken up by cruisers, the next area was too warm. As we continued through the small building Myron found a back patio. Local men there were in the process of setting up a very nice flat screen TV with surround sound. One of the locals waved us to come on out and have a seat. There was a cool breeze on the patio that compensated for the lack of shade. This apparently was where the local men, women and kids were going to watch the game and we felt privileged to be invited to join them. At first the crowd was quiet. As the game carried on, there was more yelling than I have ever heard watching the game back in the states. At first it was intimidating because I could not understand what they said. Then I began to get better at interpreting the accents and could pick out when they were yelling in advance for one of the teams to "foomble!" There was also a lot of very loud arguing about referee calls. Ida and her husband joined the crowd. We had conch fritters, conch salad and a pepperoni pizza that was too large for us so we shared with a local named Kevin. No one seemed to mind that we did not drink alcohol and we acquired a new liking for a soda called 'Fruit Champagne.' We could not have been happier and thank God for the opportunity to be part of the community. Oh, and it was a great game too.
Today we re-positioned to Galliot Cut, hoping for a weather window to sneak southeast tomorrow. If that works out, we should be near Georgetown and hopefully find our Aussie friends on Clementine before they leave that area. The water at this anchorage is strikingly blue, but it will be a rolling anchorage because, as you can see on the map, we are right at the cut we will exit.
Love to all,

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