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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thompson Bay

We had a wonderful stay in Elizabeth Harbor, aka Georgetown. There were opportunities to meet others in town, on the beach or when we helped someone in needed. We squeezed in a last playtime on the beach after we finished our chores Friday. We both admit we will miss that beach and the lovely walk to it. I am getting over it though. I am fairly positive there are more beaches in our future.

We extended our route today, outside the reserve boundary so we could fish. Just fishing again, no catching, other than a huge barracuda that we could not get off the line. It just about destroyed our lure and, once aboard, broke our line. As to our target species of tuna and mahi mahi, we did not even see a sign, such as flying fish (mahi's favorite food) or sea birds. As a matter of fact, since we have arrived at the Bahamas, we rarely ever see any sea bird.

Once we cut into Pigeon Cay and onto the flats, the wind subsided to basically nothing. We did not mind motoring as we were making water: 215 gallons was our total today. That should hold us for a while. With the wind absent, the crystal clear water on the flats allowed us to see the bottom in detail, about 15 feet depth. Myron went on the foredeck and would call out 'starfish!' 'conch!' It seemed more like an elegant swimming pool. So much so that we dropped anchor in the middle of no where (actually off of White Cay Bank) and went swimming. Bob and Marilyn on 'Krista Lynn,' a Pearson 424, dropped anchor as well and were game to join in the swimming.

Our next planned stop is Water Cay or Flamingo Cay in the Jimentos, via Comer Cut. We have a front coming in tonight and the winds should be favorable for a sail in that direction over the next couple of days. Maybe we will go tomorrow, maybe in the next day or two. Myron will get weather over the Ham radio and then we will ponder the timing.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}23|21.250|N|075|08.153|W|Anchored|Thompson Bay{GEND}

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